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At the John O'Hara Company --
top executives aren't accountants, lawyers or bookkeepers: they're hands-on constructors who know the construction process inside and out. In addition, they supervise and control their own staff of concrete, carpentry, masonry, woodworking and general labor tradesmen. As a result, the O'Hara Company is able to deliver projects of the finest quality on schedule, using the most cost-effective means to save an owner time, as well as money.

All of the company's superintendents are skilled craftsmen who have worked their way up through the trade ranks, bringing years of experience to their positions. In fact, 75% of O'Hara's superintendents have been with the firm for 20 years or more, and the remaining 25% have served O'Hara for approximately 40 years. While these figures seem unbelievable in today's climate of quick personnel changeover, they serve to illustrate the company's belief that by surrounding itself with the best people, the firm can provide the best product for its clients.

A key ingredient in the success of the firm is the lack of a "Pass the Buck" mentality, found all too often in today's business world. When an owner chooses the O'Hara Company, they can be assured of a single point of responsibility to get the job done right and on time. That direct accountability ensures an owner will receive answers and solutions to their unexpected problems, not excuses.