When discussing the John O'Hara Company's construction management services, "flexibility" is the operative word. O'Hara will undertake a construction management project on any level a building owner wishes, whether an owner wants a construction manager in the pure sense of the term, as advisor and overseer of the project, or a more hands-on relationship.

Because the company's operations are totally computerized, keeping an owner informed by supplying up-to-date costs, progress reports and overviews is standard practice. Using its state-of-the-art computerized database, O'Hara can provide an owner with comprehensive cost estimating, budgeting and expediting details which enable the owner to stay on top of a project's development and current status to achieve the maximum value for their construction dollar.

The John O'Hara Company is prepared to provide construction management services from either the inception of planning, advising an owner on design, estimating, budgeting and scheduling of a project, or at the start of actual construction. Of particular interest to institutional or major corporate clients is the John O'Hara Company's proven success at being able to integrate the owner's standing vendors and suppliers into the construction process. This coordination (often overlooked) of such owner vendors as tele- communications, computer networks and security, is often the key to rapid and successful project completion.